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My Services

What do I offer?

I create captivating marketing content that aligns with the brand image of businesses. My focus is to identify the client's perspective, target audience, unique selling proposition, writing tone and style, and competitive position. I gather information and create deliverables according to the client’s digital marketing strategy or calendar, and create content that is powerful, personable, and consumable and is directed toward both informing and inspiring their target audience to act.

Blogs & Articles 

I write private or internal company blogs and/or articles that provide customers with valuable information, advice and a taste of your business. I consult and apply information provided by the client, taking into account your target audience, perspective, voice and their unique selling offering.

Website Content

Engaging content that gives your target audience a true first impression of your brand's values and character. From 'About Me' pages, to a "Call to Action" button, your website represents your company's product personality, values and services. It is targeted specifically to your audience and draws them in, curious and eager to learn more.

Social Media Content

Writing engaging and emotive content for your brand is an art. A good social media post can help boost customer engagement and sales. After all, readers want to be captivated with emotion and purpose - it is what makes us tick. Captivating your audience through words, videos and images will bring them one step closer to your website. 


A useful form of content which serves a specific product, or service, brochures provide customers with important information that can help them make a decision. 

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How do I work? 

While some projects are billed per deliverable, we can also work hourly, particulary for work related to proofreading or copyediting. Some clients prefer to work on retainer so they know what to expect for future deliverables.


All clients are invoiced monthly, and payments are due within 30 days of first draft submittal.

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